Ram 1500 Reviewsimproved over the years

12 Reasons to Buy the 2019 Dodge Ram

When it’s time to buy a new truck, consider the 2019 Dodge Ram. This reliable pickup truck has all of the qualities that a driver could want or need. From its sleek and stylish appearance to the state-of-the-art features and amazing safety, the Ram is built tough and durable and is ready to take on the world with you behind the wheel. Read below to learn 12 reasons it is time to buy the Dodge Ram.

1.    The Ram is one of the most comfortable trucks you’ll ever have the pleasure of sitting inside. It makes those short and long trips alike a pleasure.

2.    Take a look at the Ram 1500 Reviews posted by owners online. You’ll learn that truck drivers are thrilled with the truck and all that it offers to them. It doesn’t cost a dime to read the reviews and learn the important details that won’t be found anywhere else.

3.    U.S. News & World Reports ranked the 2019 Ram the #1 Full-Size Pickup truck! That’s quite the honor.

Ram 1500 Reviewsimproved over the years

4.    Take a look at the Dodge Ram 2019 edition. Is there really any more reason needed convince you it’s worth the purchase after you see the sleek appearance and design?

5.    Edmunds gave the Ram a safety rating of 9.1; a comfort rating of 8.5; and a 9.5 in utility.

6.    The sound system in the Ram is ready to pump out all of your favorite music. There is a 900-watt Harman Kardon Premium Audio system that includes a total of 19 speakers!

7.    If safety is what you want, safety is what you’ll get as the owner of the Dodge ram. The truck is equipped with all of the safety features that you need to stay safe when traveling from point A to point B. Those features include blind spot monitoring, 360 degree surround view camera, and more.

8.    Technology on the Ram is what you want and need. It’s improved over the years and is better than ever before! Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatible, the Ram also has a 12-inch touchscreen with zoom technology and all of the features that you want.

9.    Need a work truck? The 2019 Ram is a reliable, safe vehicle that helps you tow loads small and large. Many people double the truck for their personal life and for work purposes. You really get your money’s worth from this truck!

10.  Speaking of money, the Dodge Ram is competitively priced. While the price varies, you won’t be disappointed with the numbers.

11.  Power V8 engine pumping out 310 horsepower in a 4.7-liter unit in the base model and a 5.7-liter ‘Hemi’ V8 available.

12.  This truck is fun to drive for work and for play. It is comfortable, has good fuel mileage, and is sleek and stylish on top of it all. You will love owning the 2019 Dodge Ram truck!

The Dodge Ram is a pickup truck that you will love to see sitting in your garage. The 12 reasons to purchase this truck model that we’ve listed here are just some of the many. Do not wait to make this purchase any longer.

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