Careful Maintenance & Distribution Of Aerospace Components

Careful Maintenance & Distribution Of Aerospace Components

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Kitting services set up for the aerospace industry give its industrial, commercial and retail clients flexible options in regard to obtaining a finished product and the completion of a maintenance or build project. A regular aerospace kitting inventory is kept from which all required and ordered parts will be utilized.

The warehouse agents retrieve ordered parts and components in line with clients’ aircraft hardware kits. Correct retrieval is made possible through the tracking of the parts’ history. This is done through the use of a barcode inventory management system. The clients’ kits are ‘triple-checked’ during the assembly processes.

This makes sure that all parts to be included in the clients’ orders remain correct. The use of the barcode system and a QAD system, as well as labelling work, helps the warehouse agents to streamline their aerospace kitting processes and reduce the possibility of errors being committed. Given the stakes in this industry, errors should, in any case, be kept to an absolute minimum.

Expiry dates for parts are closely monitored. Once a part reaches its expiry date, it is quickly and efficiently replaced with the new part. Kitting inventories are kept intact for a period lasting no more than six months. Quality control work makes sure that all parts are reviewed thoroughly. They are always inspected before reaching the kitting warehouse.

QC work will continue once a new consignment has been delivered to a client’s premises. This is being done through the use of a VMI program. This is the vendor managed inventory. This places clients in a position to manage their own inventories. The system is set up in accordance with their existing infrastructures. The VMI process also helps clients to keep a check on their consolidated billing requirements.